Music Journeys

Music Journeys

A Personal and Immersive Experience with Your Music


  • In the car, bus, train, subway, ferry boat, or just on foot!
  • Daily drive to work or home
  • Trip to school with the kids
  • Family drive to Grandma's house
  • Date night
  • Cruising around
  • Scenic drive through the mountains 
  • Running a marathon
  • Wandering and exploring around town 
  • Road trip!!
  • Rideshare drivers in tourist areas (theme parks, beach areas, historic areas…increase your tips!)

How does Music Journeys work?



You start by creating Places, which are spots on the map where you want a musical change to happen. When you enter a Place, the Action you’ve selected for that Place happens. You can shuffle a playlist, play a single song, or one of  many other options. Any music that plays will be in effect until you hit another Place “down the road.”

It’s as simple as that! Visit our FAQ page for more ideas!


Journeys are collections of Places. You can build as many total Places as you can dream up, but when you’re in a Journey, only the Places you’ve selected for that Journey will be active.  Journeys can be made for specific travels, such as your drive to school or work, a marathon, or a road trip.

Wander Mode

Wander Mode is essentially a Journey that you can choose to run. What’s different about it, though, is that Wander Mode can be played when you don’t know exactly where you want to go, or when you haven’t built a Journey for a specific expedition. It’s a hodgepodge of Places for when you haven’t an idea of where you want to go for sure.


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