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Where do I start?

If you’re utterly bewildered about how to build your Places, we would suggest starting by using the Capture a Journey function while you are traveling. This can be started by using the menu to bring up the Journeys screen, hitting the + to create a new Journey, and then choosing Capture a Journey from the popup menu. After the Journey Places are captured, you can go into the Places screen and edit them to add music.

Can I pause location updates while I am traveling?

Absolutely! If you are traveling on a Journey or just Wandering, but want to keep the current action going (like a favorite playlist you are enjoying too much to part with), just double tap the map in the Home screen. Music Journeys will not update the location or trigger new Actions until you double tap the map again to resume.

Where do I turn for help?

If your question wasn’t answered here, please send us an email at We’ll get back to you right away!

What is a Place?

A Place is a spot on the map where you want Music Journeys to do something at. Each Place has a radius, a Base Action, its own Variations, and a few other options. An Action or Variation will happen when you cross the outer edge of the Place.

How do I edit a Place once it’s saved?

There are several ways to edit a Place. The most obvious is to select Places from the menu, select the Place from the list, and then Edit.

You can also edit a Place from two spots within the Home screen Location tab…by selecting the Active Place or Nearest Place and then editing it, or by selecting the List button on the right and then choosing a Place from within the Journey.

What can I do with Variations?

Variations define special conditions that you can use for enhanced experiences. You can define as many variations for a Place as you would like. There are three main types: Round Trip, Time of Day, and Day of the Week.

Round trip variations can play something different the second time you enter a place. One action can take place when you start your Journey, and a different action can take place when you end it in the same Place.

Time of Day variations can play something other than the Base Action between certain times, sunrise, or sunset.

Day of the Week variations can play different content for each day.

Let’s be realistic…your mood on Fridays is likely very different than on Mondays, right? Why settle for the same music?

How do I create a Variation?

To add a Variation, you need to edit a Place. This can be done through the Place screen, accessible from the menu, or from many other places. Once you’re editing a Place, you’ll see a Variations tab.

How do I create a round trip for running or jogging?

There is a way to do this in Music Journeys! In the Place that you go into twice (your starting/ending Place) just add a Round Trip Variation. You can choose what Action to play the first time you enter the Place, and a different one for the second time.

How do I do different things at night vs. daytime in a Place?

You can do this by building a time variation for that Place.

What are Actions?

Actions are things that you choose to happen when you enter a Place. There are many different types of Actions, like the Song Action that plays a song and the Playlist Action that plays a Playlist. There are also a few other Actions, like the Random Song Action, which plays a random song from a Playlist, the Silence Action, which immediately silences all the music playing, and the Deferred Silence Action, which stops the next song from playing, and even an Ignore Action, that can be used as a placeholder for something you want to do in the future.

What is the Base Action?

The Base Action is the Action that will be performed when no Variations are active. For instance, if you only have one Variation, it’s set to play between 3:00 and 5:00, and it’s 7:00 right now, the Base Action will play because no Variations are active. Another example: If you have a Variation set to play the second time you enter a Place, and you enter the Place for the first time, the Base Action will play.

Why would I create an Action to do silence?

This is a great way to fade out whatever is playing when you enter a Place. It can be useful to provide a bit of silence between Places. It can also be useful, for instance, when you arrive at your destination and want your tunes to fade out nicely as you arrive…home, work, school, whatever.

Why would I create an Action to do nothing at all?

The Ignore Action is actually very useful if you want to create a lot of Places manually and then go back later and add the actions and details. The Ignore Action is also very useful in Variations. For instance, during certain times of the day you may want a Place to not do anything at all when you arrive. This would effectively make the Place invisible during that period.

What’s the difference between Wandering and Journeys?

Wandering is best for general driving or walking around town when you have no specific route in mind. You can select most or even all of your defined Places to be available when you Wander, by using the menu. If you have an expected start point, end point, and likely path you will be traveling, it is best to define a custom Journey to get the most out of your experience.

How do I choose a Journey or go Wandering?

Simply select Wander or Journeys from the bottom of the Home screen. A small popup will appear that allows you select which Journeys to run.

How do I capture a Journey?

Capturing Journeys is so convenient! It’s a perfect way for a beginning user to get started, or for anyone who wants to travel a path and mark spots for future editing.

Just select the Journeys screen from the menu, add a Journey using the +, and select Capture a Journey. The rest is easy. This will create a Places each time you tap the map to capture and assign an Ignore Action for the time being. You can edit it afterward as you like.

Can the app start up in a certain Journey?

Yes it can. In the Settings screen, you can choose one of four different ways to have the app launch: start in Wander mode, start in the last Journey that was played, or show the mode chooser to prompt you each time the app starts up.

What types of music services are supported by Music Journeys?

Music Journeys supports music from your iTunes library as well as Apple Music. We plan to add other services in the future, so please send us an email with your future preferences, and we’ll see what we should add next!

Does my music need to be downloaded to my iPhone to work?

Music Journeys does not require your music to be downloaded in order to work. Any music used with your Places will stream fine while you travel, but obviously you will use less data from your cell provider if you download everything you plan on using first, while connected to WiFi.

Music fades don’t seem to work in my car…why?

If you are using a USB data connection to a car audio system, Music Journeys cannot currently control the audio levels. A fade will sound pretty much like a bump transition as a result. A way to make this better is to select sound transitions. This will help bridge your content nicely even without fading! Note that connecting to a car audio system through Bluetooth instead of USB will enable Music Journeys to change audio levels, allowing the fade to happen properly.





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